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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cake Anyone?

This past week I've planned, lived and breathed (literally- but we'll get to that later) - a wedding cake. Joe and Kendra are about the sweetest young couple I've met and they are like family to us. Little did I know what an adventure their cake would turn out to be.

This particular cake reminded me of the body of believers. The analogy of the "body" - and all of us being different parts and given different talents is one of my favorites (i.e. - You may be a hand, I may be a foot - but we are all important parts and useful- it's in the Bible guys, go look it up!) Anyway, as I was making this cake I thought of all of us. Twenty different layers of cake had to made, cooled, leveled, iced, and smoothed. All the buttercream icing had to be made (and I inhaled so much powdered sugar it's not even funny). Hundreds of roses were made by hand, petal by petal, dried and then placed precisely in their spot surrounded by 400 piped in leaves. All the tiers had to be placed on special boards, and packed in separate boxes to make the arduous journey up a winding mountain highway and then a dirt road to the mountain resort. Hours before the wedding - came the daunting task of assembly. One by one, all seven tiers took their place. Lots of icing was used to make the final border on each tier - ribbon, butterflies and petals were added. It all came together to make a beautiful creation.

As Christians, we should be doing the same - coming together to be beautiful and do beautiful work for our great God. When you are making a cake, icing can fix just about anything. Sometimes, some of us need a little more "icing" than others - meaning a little more encouragement to hold us up and keep us from falling apart. :)

So, my question is this: What can we be doing for each other that would help us come together to make the beautiful creation He has intended us to be? Maybe we need to spend a little more time encouraging one another. Maybe we need to spend a little more time praying for one another. And maybe, we need to spend a little more time loving one another.