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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Does Anyone Know How to Use a Blinker?

I'm on the road, speaking, singing, and laughing at myself as we share our story.

On this roadtrip, I determined the other day that I must surely be the only person on the road who knows how to drive. How did I come to this understanding of the so-called drivers around me? Well... after the one-hundred-seventy-fifth person cut me off without the use of their blinker... I came to that conclusion.

There were many times, I would react in shock and say, "I can't believe you just did that!" As if the person in front of me could hear me through the windshield. And then, with even more brilliance on my part, I would speak gently, with great respect (can you hear the sarcasm?) to the driver in front of me and demonstrate with my own blinkers - how to properly use them.

After much thought on this issue, I realized that the traveling people behind me, were probably thinking, "Who is that crazy person in front of us, in the large expedition, who doesn't know how to drive-- they keep using their blinkers when they aren't going anywhere."

I told the story this weekend, to demonstrate yet again, that I am not perfect. Which I'm sure will help others hold me accountable. :)

So, if you happen to see a large white SUV traveling down the road using their blinkers repeatedly, it's just me -- attempting to KINDLY teach those around me that blinkers are to be used -- with no whining, grumbling, or complaining (because we have a five cent fine for that, you know) and I will find the joy in yet another adventure in my life.