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Saturday, November 29, 2008


You all know I'm a writer. There's always some kind of story brewing up in this head of mine. But for those non-writers, we're a confusing bunch.

For instance, my incredible friend, Janelle, who does my nails. She's always asking me, "Where do you come up with all that?" And you know what? I think I would truly scare her if she knew all the different ideas and storylines that were pinging around in my brain at any given time.

I had a lady stop me after a "brainstorm" session one day at the pool. After hearing, "oooh, and then she could do this - and the bad guy could do that - and they'd find her scarf..." she told me that it must be fun to have all the creative energy flowing all the time. Yep, we're an odd bunch.

Anyway, I just finished my non-fiction book, No Sweat, which will be coming out Sept. 2009 - and have turned my attention back to my fiction books. I had the idea to use my invention of turkey diving in a story - and so, I'm coming to you all with a challenge.

Here it is: I'd like to hear your outrageous "turkey diving" stories. The funnier, the better. And - I might just use it in my book :)

There will be a prize for the winner - so if you haven't gone turkey diving yet, it's not too late. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about - read the previous post about turkey diving.

Happy Thanksgiving week to you all!