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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Out With the Old... And In With the New Year

I can't believe it's 2009. I'm still in shock.

So many amazing things happened in 2008 - and many difficult things happened in 2008 - but I'm thankful to have gone through them. Life is all about learning and growing. If you aren't willing to go through the tough stuff as well as the good stuff, you never truly feel the exuberance of making it to the other side.

I've had a lot of emails lately asking for pictures of our home at Christmas. The kids and I start in mid-November decorating. It's always been a tradition. (And recently, we've had lots more help since I've been writing new books, and have so much contact from the TV appearances. I couldn't do it alone anymore)

Hundreds of people asked me what we do to keep our home a special place. When we found out about Kayla's disorder, a friend took me shopping. She bought some seasonal decorations, and the next holiday or season, she'd take me again. For years, we've added to the collection to make each day, month, season... special. A reason to celebrate. So, I decorate for all the different holidays and seasons because when you spend the majority of your time inside the house, it's nice to change it up.

Think of it like the changing of the seasons, weather-wise. Kayla has to stay in a very controlled environment - so she can't experience all the weather changes of each season. My solution? Change the season inside. And that's what we do.

The Christmas decorations are being packed away, and out will come the Valentine's.
Life is an adventure. No matter what you are going through, or how hard the times may seem.
Live it.
And live it abundantly.