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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We had the experience of being the first home built in our neighborhood. We've been here a year and a half (roughly), and many homes have sprouted since.

A couple of months ago, the kiddos and I made cookies to bring to all the neighbors. Wouldn't you know, not one neighbor was home when we went to deliver them! :) Yes, I know, my life.

Anyway, we will of course, try again - but today, I had a wonderful introduction.

My neighbor who lives behind us stopped by. A beautiful, and incredibly sweet lady - I felt an instant connection. She had stayed away for awhile, like many of our neighbors, because of the whole TV thing. (I have to say that the respect for our privacy has been wonderful and generous.) But I'm so thankful she dropped by today.

We have an odd situation. We don't get out much, so it's hard to get to know most people. The temperature we live in, is also a little too extreme for most people. (I often get cold myself, and I have acclimated to this for years.) LOL

So, my rambling today is just to say how thankful I am for neighbors. I'm thankful for precious people who understand our "weirdness" and love us anyway. And I'm thankful for God bringing new people into our lives.