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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Grinch that Stole...

...and emails...
...and motherboards...
...and operating systems...
...and hard drives...

But I digress. I really do love the age of technology. Yes, even when it goes against me. Even when it has a heart 500 times too small.

So, I'm here to say - We're Back!!! Hopefully, prayerfully, joyfully. I now understand why emails have been getting lost for months upon months, our blogs have posted/unposted, and basically life in the land of social-media-techno-world stunk. :)

BUT - it hasn't stolen our Christmas spirit. We wanted to share with you a few pics of our Christmas decorating... and yes, I decorate way before Thanksgiving. Get over it. I LOVE Christmas. And I really like enjoying this season... hence - the putting-up-decorations-early mindset.

*** Rabbit trail warning ***(I've had hate-mail over this [not really, but it sounds so much more intense] - from those grinchy-type people who think Christmas music should NOT under any circumstances be played before turkey day is over. But I won't mention it... well, not any more. At least I'll try to remember. I've forgiven them. And I play Christmas music sometimes year-round. I'm not spiteful. Or ornery. Really. I promise. I just love Christmas.)

Ahem. Back to those Christmas pics ;)

I have never been accused of over-decorating.

...Or using too many lights...

...Or going overboard.

In any way.

On any thing.


Not me.

Nuh uh.

I'm perfectly normal.


Everyone decorates like this, right?

Okay, okay, so maybe you don't put up 15+ Christmas trees.

And maybe you actually have to use other (i.e. regular light fixtures) lights during the Christmas season to illuminate your home. (To which I say, what's the point in that?)

And airplanes don't head for your house like it's a runway...

And your friends don't tell you that "Christmas threw up" in your house.

I'm teasing. Christmas really is my favorite time of year. Love, love, love it.

But just in case you can't agree with me, or don't like to decorate, just look at this next picture.

You gotta admit she's too stinkin' cute for her own good. :)
Now doesn't that just make you smile?

So, here in Colorado, dreams of new un-grinchified computers will dance in our heads...

Merry Christmas!