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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Legacy of Love

I'm working on a story idea that is inspired by my grandparents. I wish you all could know them because they are incredible people. They have been married 65 years and pass down a legacy to us that could never be duplicated. (We can try, mind you, but we'll never achieve it.) Every morning - and I mean EVERY morning - for all this time -- they have prayed for each member of our family and our needs. (And let me tell you, that is no small feat as there are more than 50 of us now.)

So, as I am working on a contemporary Alaska series right now - this idea keeps popping in my mind and I've added more and more to the file - Legacy of Love. (David Phelps - my favorite Christian Artist - has a song entitled by that too.) It brings me to this question: What are we (you and I) passing on to our children? ... to others around us? Are we just going through the motions - doing just enough to make it through the day? Do we look back at the past days, weeks, months, even years and say, "Where did the time go?" And to those of you who know us and all that has gone on in our lives the past few years understand how easy it would be to just keep saying, "I just have to get past ______". It's true, I've said it many times!

Personally, I desire so much more than that. I'm praying that I will keep my focus. That I will concentrate on things of eternal value and not those that are wood, hay and stubble. And as I bask in HIS amazing Grace and Love - to be reminded that I am forgiven and need to run the race that is set before me.

My Grandparents have been a true and living example of that. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa.