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Monday, January 14, 2008

My Josh

Kayla tends to get a lot of attention because of all the news articles she's been in and all the tv she's been on and she's a sweetheart - but, I have to tell you that my Josh is also an incredible kid!

I can't tell you how proud I was of him when I saw his heartfelt response on EMHE Sunday evening.

And, yes, many of you have asked - it's true. He loves to spend time with his sister and doesn't like to leave her inside, watching out the window :)

I just want my amazing son to know how very proud I am of him and am so thankful that the world got to see a little of his imaginative personality!

And by the way, his room was because of a series of books he read : The DragonKeeper Chronicles by author Donita K. Paul. These books are amazing and completely sparked his imagination in new and creative ways we could have never imagined! I've read them myself and you need to go out and purchase these books and read them! Then, you'll find out why Josh is a "dragon keeper" and his dragon in his room is a reading chair - they thought of so much! Go check out :

Josh - you're a winner and I love you so much!