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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Newsy New Newsletter

Once again my lovely readers, I need your help!

It has been a wild and crazy ride, but it’s been fun so far, hasn’t it? I receive so many emails from you guys telling me that I’ve either stepped on your toes, or made you laugh until you almost wet your pants. And to me – that’s a good thing. (I'm hoping that's positive for you as well... ?)

Well, because of all the TV stuff, contact, and different things going on, I’ve started a new monthly newsletter. I no longer have the older one, so please be sure to sign up for the new one on any of the pages here on my website:

I need help getting the word out. We’ve heard from thousands upon thousands of people who saw one of the shows we were on – all asking to hear more of the story. Well, even though tens of millions saw the shows, I don’t have all their personal contact information to let them know that the book will be out. This is where you come in - if all of you help with word of mouth it would be wonderful.

The newsletter will be once a month and include updates about our family, books releasing, speaking engagements, and of course—whatever adventurous, funny episode, I’m on at the time, (which as you know sometimes includes a 2x4 to my head so that I can learn my lesson.)

Don’t forget about the reading contest going on until June of 2009 (I've got over 2000 participants) and the other opportunities to comment and share your stories.

Thank you all so much for your loyalty and help – I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!