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Monday, March 30, 2009

REAL Moms... REAL Jesus - Meet the Friend Who Understands

Do you ever wonder if you're real? Do you ever feel alone? Because nobody could ever feel like you do... no one could ever be your friend... no one could possibly understand.

Oh, my friend, but you are real. You aren't alone. And there's a Friend just waiting for you to share your burdens.

Jill Savage -- founder of Hearts At Home, and author of several books -- recently sent me her new release, REAL Moms... REAL Jesus. And let me tell you, I got sucked in. Read it all in one sitting. Plan on reading it again and again...

This book is for every mom out there. No matter what stage of mothering you are in, this book is for you. Jill shares candidly from her heart. Her love and humor simply ooze out onto the page and make you feel at home -- all while tackling tough, and REAL mom issues.

Issues like - How can God understand? Temptation. Going to the bathroom alone. Uninterrupted sleep. Disobedience, Service, Forgiveness, Truth, Trust, Faith, Prayer, Surrender.

For each instance, she shows us Jesus' example and how to follow in His footsteps.
This book touched me incredibly.

Hearts At Home has always meant a lot to me. I was speaking at a Mom's convention several years ago and afterward, one of the moms stopped and told me, "You bring an entirely new meaning to Stay-At-Home-Mom." We laughed together, because yes, our circumstances aren't quite like most - but it made me appreciate Hearts At Home's ministry more than ever. There are thousands of moms across the country who need that ministry. Moms like me. Moms like you.

I was going to do a giveaway for a copy of this great book, but I have a friend - fellow author, Tiffany Stockton, who is about to (any day!) have her first child. I am going to give it to her. Tiff, I pray the encouragement of Jill's book touches you deeply as it has me.

Jill - thank you for writing this incredible book. I will be purchasing many to give to other moms.

For more information on Jill Savage - please visit: Jill Savage

For more information on Hearts At Home - please visit: Hearts At Home