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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Follow the Blog Tour for WELCOME HOME!!

I am privileged and honored to be featured on all these blogs. Please follow the blog tour and comment on them! Some are even giving away copies of my book Welcome Home
Thank you so much! Please be in prayer for the launching of this book.

2-Aug-09 Lena Nelson Dooley
10-Aug-09 Tracy Ruckman
12-Aug-09 Sherry Kyle
16-Aug-09 Angie Breidenbach
17-Aug-09 Mary DeMuth
17-Aug-09 Laura Hilton
17-Aug-09 Ane Mulligan
18-Aug-09 Melanie Dickerson
19-Aug-09 Tiffany Colter and
19-Aug-09 Tiffany Stockton
19-Aug-09 Stormi Johnson
20-Aug-09 Christa Allan
20-Aug-09 Elizabeth Ludwig
21-Aug-09 Debra Ullrick
22-Aug-09 Paulette Harris
23-Aug-09 Ane Mulligan
24-Aug-09 Evangeline Denmark
24-Aug-09 Sharon Lavy
24-Aug-09 Donna Moore
25-Aug-09 CJ Darlington
25-Aug-09 Marjorie Vawter
26-Aug-09 Donita K. Paul
26 Aug - 09 Delores Liesner
28-Aug-09 Cynthia Ruchti
28-Aug-09 Angie Arndt
30-Aug-09 Ronie Kendig
31-Aug-09 Dineen Miller
31-Aug-09 Jan Parrish
1-Sep-09 Lori Kasbeer
2-Sep-09 Pamela James
3-Sep-09 Cheryl Wyatt
4-Sep-09 Angie Arndt
5-Sep-09 Heather Tipton
7-Sep-09 Gina Conroy
9-Sep-09 Tricia Goyer
9-Sep-09 Michele Cushatt
11-Sep-09 Camy Tang
11-Sep-09 Angie Arndt
11-Sep-09 Darcie Gudger
12-Sep-09 Kay Day
13-Sep-09 Cara Putman
14-Sep-09 Paula Moldenhauer
15-Sep-09 Lynn Mosher
15-Sep-09 Seekerville
16-Sep-09 Jodi York
16-Sep-09 Linda Baldwin
16-Sep-09 Alison Strobel
16-Sep-09 Niki Nowell
21-Sep-09 Tirsh Perry
LaShaunda Hoffman