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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Winners Announced, Website Revamped, and Wabbit Trails...

Sorry, I couldn't resist alliteration.

FIRST! Drum-roll please - I am announcing the winners of our year-long reading contest:

First Place - Leila Goheen
Second Place - Leticia Glidewell
Third Place - Debby Sumpter
Fourth Place - Kellie Minkler

Leila and Leticia both almost read 24,000 pages each this past year. Debby read almost 19,000 pages, and Kellie read almost 14,000 pages. Congratulations to all our winners - and thank you so much for participating!

To claim your prize - you must do TWO things :) First, leave a comment on this blog post about your reading experience this year - and second, use the contact page on this website to confirm your mailing address. I want to triple-check these boxes before we mail them out - they have a lot of books in them!

And just so you know - There were 3,509 entries!!!!!! That's a lot of entries and a lot of books read!
More than 2,000 people read 10,000 pages or more in a year.
More than 500 people wrote in asking for recommendations of books.
And over 200 people read through their Bible in the past year.
What an awesome contest.

Now, I've already had requests to do it again... whew, that makes me tired - but keep watching - I just might get adventurous and do it again!

Many of you have noticed that the website is a little different. We have completely revamped it and updated it, but it is still a work in progress. Please keep watching the appearances page for updates on my fall tour. I would LOVE to see any of you at the churches or speaking engagements or booksignings. If you still would like to try to squeeze us in - please use the contact form on the contact page!

I've gotten thousands upon thousands of emails through this site from those of you who follow the blog or just like coming to my website to check and see what's happening. Thank you. Thank you for reaching out to us, for supporting us, and praying for us. I've been doing a lot of thinking, planning, and reflecting. I'm looking forward to the future and what the Lord has in store for us. Be watching the blog for more details!

Thank you all for your patience as this summer has flown by and my book Welcome Home has launched.

Again, congratulations to our winners! Thank you to all the wonderful authors who donated books for prizes!
In His Abundant Joy!