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Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Monday Questions...

Well, since the furious writing of No Safe Haven, the research trip to Alaska, speaking, book signings, and then Sales Conference at B&H - and of course the recovery from said trip (LOL!) - I've been just a tad bit off schedule. (Understatement, I know.) But, I am pleased to say that even though my crazy life continues, the random Monday blogs will resume...

Today, it will be all the questions floating in my mind in the next 90 seconds. Here goes:

-I wonder how many people are drinking a Dr. Pepper this morning just like me?
-Why do weeds grow better than my carefully tended flowers?
-Why haven't they come up with something useful to do with weeds?
-Why can't we make money off of growing weeds?
-Does anyone else wish that time would slow down for just a little bit?
-Why does my husband like to fish so much? Especially in the heat...
-Where did I put my black jacket with the pink stripes?
-Was that the dryer that just beeped?
-How many yards will the kids swim at swim team today? 4000? 5000? 6000?
-Will I ever feel caught up?
-When is the A/C guy supposed to come tomorrow?
-I wonder who I just received email from... the iPad has dinged 15 times during the writing of this...
-Can I have a day off?
-What would people do if I answered the phone, "Hi, this is Kimberley the Author, what's your favorite color?"
-Does anyone know what movie that's from?
-Will anyone try to answer my questions?
-Why can't I turn off my brain like my husband and "go to my nothing box"?

There you have it... Random Monday...
Now where did I put my daytimer?