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Monday, June 21, 2010

Spider Bites and TV ... Random Monday

What a week...
I had a crazy one, that's for sure. We had a big event for our kids' swim team, Kayla and I are in the middle of revisions, and I don't know what shows aired when, but I received over 4500 emails through my website... AND... I got bit by what we think must have been a spider.

My random thoughts about this?
-I don't like spiders.
-I really don't like being bit by one.
-It really itches.
-It REALLY hurts.
-It made my arm swell up to twice its size.
-The diameter of the area grew up to 8 inches.
-Yes, I measured it.
-WebMD doesn't have enough information on spider bites.
-My arm had a fever for 4 days.
-My arm also looked like it had a sunburn on steroids.
-It made all the muscles in my arm hurt.
-It's still there. But it is getting better.
-I really don't like spiders.
-I really, really, REALLY, don't like being bit by one.

Now back to email...and revisions...