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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

29,000 pages and counting

I think you all should know that I love to read. Well, that has been passed on to both of my children :). My husband, bless his heart - teases us about all our "reading" - and every time we have moved (which has been many times in the past 16 years of marriage) he talks about all the boxes of books and music. (I should give a prize if someone could actually guess how many, but, I'm rabbit trail-ing...)

Anyway, yesterday was report-card day here. And we keep track of everything for school - even the amount of pages that the kids read each quarter. :) (Those of you who know us really well, are probably laughing know where I'm going...) And I give awards for how many pages they have read. This quarter has been ... different to say the least, we've had a little extra excitement (a tad bit of an understatement there) and a move... which gave extra time for reading. I really had no idea...

Kayla is 10 years old and when I presented report cards yesterday, I think Jeremy just about fell out of his chair. Kayla read over 14,400 pages in this quarter alone! (I checked, and triple-checked!) These are not picture books, mind you --- REAL books - 3 and 4 hundred page books! There was a shorter series of 40 books, that she read TWICE because she liked them so much! This school year she has read over 29,000 pages! (And we only have one more quarter in this school year - who knows how many she'll finish the year with!)

Are you inspired, yet? :)

Since we are getting close to the new year, I thought I'd give out a challenge. Instead of turning on the TV - go pick up a good book (THE Good Book is the best) -and there are TONS of great Christian Fiction out there now (if you need help picking something - send a comment and I'll help)- and great non-Fiction too - great Bible Studies - the list could go on and on...

Personally, I'm going to go add up my reading list (yes, I keep one too) and see how many pages I need to read to catch up to my ten year old!

Happy Reading!