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Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Precious...

... are our loved ones.

My family means so very much to me. My husband and two kids and I are very, very close. Even closer, I think because of all the circumstances we have been through. Have we made mistakes? Oh my yes! Have I made mistakes? Wow, you just don't even want to know... :) Again, I digress...

We have the wonderful privilege this year of having family come for Christmas. We actually don't get the opportunity to see family very often. You see, we're from the South and ALL of our family is in the south - but, our daughter can't live in the south. It's also really dangerous for her to travel to the "hot" states and definitely not recommended. Travel is also very expensive and we live a long way away from all of them! (We lived in Alaska for several years, and it was positively a LONG way away!) :)

That's why this year is so special. The kids are SO excited to share this with the rest of their family. Things are settling into a routine, the kids are doing great in school, a LOT of the stress has been lifted from our shoulders and we feel like we are home.

There's still some really rough roads ahead, there's still a lot of stress... but, you know what? It doesn't really matter... God is good and He is God.
And how precious is it that He gave us our families?