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Sunday, December 2, 2007

One Wintry Night

I know, I know - my husband says music people are "weird" - and he's probably right, But, we love to talk about music and I have to say that David Phelps' new Christmas CD, One Wintry Night, is about the best thing I've ever heard. I was so impressed with all of it.

Those of us who were music majors ('music geeks' as Holly and I say) will understand. Not only is David the most talented singer out there - but he is also talented with his writing and arranging. We have a system around here for "grading" music. The best is only when I get chill bumps on my arms from the sound. David's music does that. Ever since the first time I heard End of the Beginning all those years ago.

My friend Lori was here - and she loves music - but, she probably was beginning to think I'm REALLY weird (oh wait, she already knows that!) And we were working on these intricate ornaments and I kept muttering - "ooh listen to those chord progressions...", "love that dissonance ... where will he go this time with the resolution...", "how long can he possibly hold that note out ... oh my word, that must have been at least 12 measures!" and "listen to the variations ..." Lori probably got tired of that - but she was loving it (the music, not my mumbling) as well!

Okay, so my whole point - you need to go out and puchase this CD! It is amazing! His first Christmas album, Joy, Joy - is still one of my favorites - he is accompanied by this incredible brass ensemble - oh my word - don't get me started!

Be blessed. God has given him a gift and he is sharing it with all of us. (This would make great gifts for Christmas!)