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Friday, March 28, 2008

Going the Extra Mile

My daughter has very special needs. If you've been with me long, you know all this already. :)

We can't just hop in the car and say, "Hey! Let's go out to dinner!"

Many months ago, a friend of mine called around to restaurants and asked if they had a place that they could cool down so that Kayla could eat out. Buca di Beppos told us they would cool down a whole room for us! Buca's even went so far to call every once in a while and see how Kayla was doing and if she needed a "special" day out. (Sadly, that restaurant closed.)

But my friend didn't stop, she went on another restaurant quest. She found the Red Robin on Powers. Let me tell you, we live in a big city - and I was amazed that they took us in and took time for us. Well, we've been numerous times, and each time, they are wonderful to us - even explaining to people why it's a little colder in the restaurant. So, of course, this is where Kayla wanted to go for her birthday. I called the manager and she was so excited that we were coming in. (Imagine that... excited that we were coming, even when I'm sure that causes more trouble for them.) I really hate asking for "special treatment" - but where my child is concerned, and I know she doesn't get to do this much - it melts my heart and of course I want to ask. Wouldn't you?

Anyway, off we go to Red Robin. We walk in and they have a table all ready, in the corner, under the air vents, and decorated with balloons! They did several special things for her that night, that they didn't have to do. We were just thrilled to have a place to take our daughter for her very special day - and here these wonderful people, the entire staff at Red Robin, went "The Extra Mile."

Do you know where that phrase came from? In Matthew chapter five, verse forty-one, it says, "And whoever shall force you to go one mile, go with him two." Jesus is speaking here and he's talking about the right that Roman soldiers had to ask any Jewish citizen to carry their gear or pack for a mile. He's saying that if you are asked to carry it a mile - not only to do that which was required by law - but to "go the extra mile" - willingly.

It's called service. And wow, how much different is service when it's done willingly, and with a happy heart. Just because...

Get out there and go that extra mile for someone else. Pass it on. And kudos to our favorite restaurant, Red Robin. I hope they receive even more business because of their reaching out.

And if you go there and it's a little chilly - don't take it for granted, remember, there's a little girl out there who doesn't sweat, and who thinks it's super-cool to be able to eat in a restaurant. :)