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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Five Cent Fine

You've probably heard me talk about the fine we have in our house for whining, grumbling, or complaining.

I owe $0.25 for this afternoon. I admit it.

Let's just say, Microsoft Excel and I are still "developing our relationship."

I have this awesome writer friend, (her name is KATHY KOVACH - yes, she's responsible!) And she teaches this great class on using these wonderful templates that she made to help us writers. (Seriously, I know you felt some sarcasm there, but they really are "wonderful templates," and she really is an "awesome writer friend," and it's a really "great class." Excel and I just needed a moment alone - to regroup and realize that my SUM wouldn't come out correctly if the 'input-ee' forgot the minus sign! And, I really didn't want to chunk the computer out the window.)

Anyway, I whined. I grumbled. I complained. I asked my computer why it was treating me that way... AND... my kids walked in :) and laughed.

I will pay my fine. Accountability folks. That's what happens when you teach your children...

I now have a sticky on my computer that says, "Must be smarter than program to operate" --

I think I need to replenish my stock of nickels.