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Monday, March 24, 2008

Homeschoolers Anonymous

A friend told me that she felt like she was in a cartoon. The picture was a very grim-looking group of people in a circle, all a little frazzled, and guzzling coffee. It said something like - "Hi, My name is Sharon, I'm a homeschooler, and I wear my pajamas all day long."

Grant it, that's a pretty funny image in my head - but isn't that exactly what we DON'T want to look like?

I mean really, I want to look completely "put-together" all the time! My hair will always be fixed, make-up always perfectly applied, clothes that scream "I am supermom - bring it on!" - and don't forget the freshly baked cookies, always on the counter with a pitcher of cold milk.

Yeah, I know. Not going to happen.

There are days when I truly am completely "put-together," and then, there are days when I wish I HAD stayed in my pajamas all day long. But that's not the point. The point is that we love our kids. We love being with them, love teaching them, and love the relationship that homeschooling gives us with them.

So, I'd like to dream up my own Homeschoolers Anonymous cartoon. All of us parents are in a circle, looking "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed," everyone is smiling, and we all talk about how much we love homeschooling, how great our kids are doing, and how we can't wait to start the next school year!

I like positive. Even though I am not perfect, (and never will be this side of heaven), I'd prefer to find the joy and laughter in my days as a homeschool mom.

Besides, if the UPS man ever came to deliver and you WERE in your PJs - you could just say, "It's pajama day at school!" And offer him a freshly baked cookie... ;)