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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can You Say, "Loopy"???

I'm on muscle relaxers and pain killers for some horrific pain I've had in my shoulders and neck.

About a week ago, our incredibly powerful, custom security alarm went off -- REALLY early in the morning (meaning, I was NOT awake yet, nor was anyone else!) I scrambled to get out of the bed trying to reach the control panel, before the migraine-inducing noise could knock me off my feet. As I stared through bleary eyes at the panel, I realized something was indeed amiss -- the garage door was open.

So, I throw my robe on (literally) and race out to the garage. The door was certainly open, but nobody was around. (Of course, our alarm could scare ANYONE away - it's so intense.) I checked out the perimeter of the house, (I know, I know, smart move in my bathrobe and unarmed against whatever could possibly try to get in -I've already had that lecture repeated several times, thank-you) - but there was nothing that I could find.

I did the smart thing. I closed the garage door and I went back to bed. :)

Later in the day, I felt like I had "wrenched" something in my right shoulder and neck. Ignoring it, (which is what I normally do, thinking, "oh, it will go away") I kept on with my crazy schedule and routine. The following day I had to speak, and then, that weekend I led worship at our ACFW Colorado retreat. I hauled luggage around and my 45 pound bag (yes, I weighed it - AFTER this adventure) full of music books for the weekend. (Thankfully, Stu grabbed it from me as we were loading up to go home, otherwise, who knows what damage I would have done!)

At the retreat, Holly and I were the last ones to go to sleep in our "room" and our other "bunk buddies" snored in a beautiful harmony of pitches and volumes. I tried to go to sleep, wrapping the poor pitiful pillow I had brought with me around my head. Sleep didn't come, and then I woke with a wonderful ache in my neck. Add to that, sitting at the piano for a few hours, and driving mountainous, curvy roads... I think I know why I'm having "issues" now. :)

Well, here I sit - propped up with pillows - trying to relax (which I don't do well, anyone who knows me, knows that I don't sit still or "do nothing" very well - I've always got to be "busy") Anyway, I have five bajillion projects around me, about one hundred phone calls to make, and over five thousand emails to answer. But - I'm "loopy." (Medications and I don't mix - so I try not to take them.) When you are "loopy" is probably not the best time to try to write the next chapter in your manuscript, or to add to your latest book proposal, or to answer email, or even talk on the phone. Good grief, I'm crazy enough already, I don't need people thinking I'm "loopy" too!

So, if you don't understand any of this - you know why. If I haven't replied to an email or phone call - you know why. (Of course, most of you have been extremely understanding of that since I get so much correspondence and the publicity keeps rolling.) And if you want to call me "loopy" - go right ahead. :) Right now, I certainly am. My five bajillion projects will turn into six bajillion projects, and my lovely group of volunteers will help me "catch up" - maybe by 2010. :)

I think I'll go take a nap. I don't think I have much choice, my body has decided that it needs one after that last pill!