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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Life Is An Adventure

Those who know me, should be laughing... hysterically.

Today, I finally finished a project that should have taken an hour or so, and yet, took more than three days! THREE DAYS! Wow.

You may be wondering what on earth could take three days. Well, a simple DVD needed to be made. Simple. Right? Well, to make a long story short - Our DVD recorder's remote was not working properly. So...
...insert new battery... still doesn't work. a new remote... it won't program (even after you try standing on your head with it.) remote... it will program, but "ok" button doesn't function (and have you noticed that you can't choose anything or answer anything without the "ok" button? It's like needing an "enter" key.)
...reprogram again... now "ok" button functions, but arrow buttons do not.
...reprogram yet again... now nothing works except for the "power" button.
...return remote... a new DVD recorder.

Yes, this is how my life goes. The day before I need to drive 1500 miles, one way, across country.

But it's even better than that. Guess what happened the day before I started the DVD adventure?

One of our cars broke down, leaving Holly stranded on an exit ramp off the interstate. My husband goes to rescue her, and work on the car. Katie, the kiddos and I follow with the title to the car, in case it's dead and we need to "trade" it in.

Let's just say, this adventure involved a tow strap- me behind the wheel of an itty-bitty, non-working, VERY OLD Ford escort station wagon- being towed by my GINORMOUS, very expensive, Expedition Truck (our gift from Ford)- and a couple of REALLY steep hills. Has anyone ever done this? Let me give you my opinion: It's not a wise idea. Especially when you are in the tiny vehicle being towed. Have I mentioned that I had NEVER done this before? And that sitting in the little station wagon, mere inches from my truck, I realized how truly HUMONGOUS my truck was, and then the thought struck me - about how squished I would be if I hit it.

We did arrive at our destination (otherwise, I would not be writing this) - but the relief when I jumped out of that car...oh my goodness! Katie and I had never been so stressed. I don't think I took a breath for the entire twenty minutes of "tow adventure."

Anyway, my sweet daughter, Kayla, looked at Katie and said, "poor Katie, every time she's here, we have an adventure." Kayla told my friend Lori that today, and Lori responded with, "I don't know what you mean, Kayla! Every day is an adventure with you guys!"

And so the saga continues. Yes, tomorrow will be another adventure.
And we'll laugh our way through...