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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Laughing through the Mucus

For those of you who are squeamish of stomach, I apologize. My motto is to Laugh through Life's Challenges. Yes, I may cry for a little while - sometimes even fall flat on my face - before I pick myself up (actually God does that) and move on. But I still try to think about the positive and smile and laugh -(remember those verses in James about considering it pure joy?)

So, I have to say I'm sorry, because this will be one of those laughing through life moments! You may not get a lot of application, but I hope you enjoy!

I have been sick for a week. With that wonderful head-cold-sinus-junk that doesn't want to leave. I also have not gotten much accomplished through this horrific battle, and I definitely haven't made much sense! Well, I had a speaking event this morning that was truly of the Lord, but I had not been feeling (or sounding) well at all, and was a little concerned about even waking up! I actually prayed for the "snot" to at least go away during the meeting. :) (Wouldn't you know, this morning, I was leaps and bounds better? Amazing!)

Anyway, I was up there on the stage, speaking to this beautiful group of MOPS moms. I had a little "project" for them at the beginning and started in on my latest random thought as my cohorts passed out pen and paper. (Oh boy, watch out!)

I asked them what those little bulbous, sucky, thingies are - you know the ones - that you use to help suck the "snot" out of your little baby when they can't blow their own nose? They all laughed as they shouted out the answer and I told them I thought I needed to invent one that was industrial sized, and plugged into the wall, you know, to help us poor adults out. Because I cannot stand that stage of the "crud" when you can't sniff anything up and you can't blow anything out - it's just stuck up there, in that zone of mucus, that makes you want to perform surgery on yourself to relieve the pressure.

Thankfully, this was a group of preschool moms. They're used to wiping nasty little noses, mouths, and hands - having spit-up on them - and even changing "icky" diapers that make other people gag.

So, Yes. I laughed through the mucus. And we all had a good time. I was so blessed by this group of moms.

Hopefully, next time you have the "crud", you can think of this little story and laugh your way through. Because you CAN find the joy in every little part of life.

I think we're out of Kleenex.