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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little Girl's Wish...

My precious little Kayla has been through a lot in her short life. She is now eleven years old, but has maturity beyond her age. She's had to face some really tough issues - including a lot of "seclusion" from the outside world, and the "normalcy" so many people take for granted - comments from people when they see her with her vest on, and don't understand what it is, or about her skin when her eczema was really bad - even a very intense brain surgery, with a long recovery.

Through it all - she has smiled. "Beamed" is an even better word. She is amazing and inspires me every day. Josh, equally so, as he cares for his sister and has such a servant heart.

Wednesday, April 16, you'll get to see us on Montel. As a special surprise, they brought David Phelps to spend the day with us. Kayla's smile was incredible, and we were even more impressed with the man who has been our favorite since the first time we heard him sing.

So, let me tell you about Kayla's wish. She's always wanted to go to a David Phelps concert, but it's just not possible for a little girl who doesn't sweat to be in a huge crowd of people.

ABC knew that we loved him and had asked for him - they brought him as a surprise during our Extreme Makeover - but Kayla did not get to meet him. (I am not complaining! We were on our trip, and the benefit concert was during the build - and the video we were able to see was AMAZING!!) Anyway, Montel's producers had asked me about what Kayla's wish would be. I told them about David - and so they took it a step further, and brought him to spend the day. What an outstanding surprise that was! And another amazing day!

But, David knew what Kayla's wish was. He and his manager - Jim Chaffee - invited us for a very special event. So, this past weekend, we were privileged to be a part of an incredible concert. There were so many people who prayed and prayed and prayed for this event. I know for some, it was very cold, but God made special arrangements with the weather, and Kayla was able to stay for the entire concert! In fact, it never registered above 65 degrees in the venue, and most of the time, hovered around 60! Kayla's temperature never rose, and she was even able to take her cooling vest off during the second half. God is so cool, and we are praising Him.

I can't tell you how many people cried with us that we were able to go. And to all of those who made it possible - Thank You. David is one of the finest gentlemen I've ever met, and his wife Lori is absolutely beautiful - inside and out. I was so blessed to get to chat with her.

Now that you've seen David on Montel and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - and I've told you about what an amazing person he is - here's your chance to see him live and hear his incredible voice! Tickets are available at

Here's part of his upcoming tour schedule. You'll be blessed for the experience, and if you get the chance, tell him hello from us - and thank him for giving a little girl her wish...


Fort Smith, AR
No More Night David Phelps Live
Eastside Baptist Church


Omaha, NE
No More Night David Phelps Live
Westside Church


Grand Island, NE
No More Night David Phelps Live
Evangelical Free Church


Shakopee, MN
No More Night David Phelps Live
Friendship Church


Sioux Falls, SD
No More Night David Phelps Live
Central Baptist Church


Madison, WI
No More Night David Phelps Live
High Point Church


Indianapolis, IN
No More Night David Phelps Live
Indian Creek Christian Church


Charleston, SC
Promotional Date - Not Full Concert
Charleston Convention Center


Winchester, VA
No More Night David Phelps Live
Winchester Church of God


Barre, VT
No More Night David Phelps Live
Barre Auditorium


Worcester, MA
No More Night David Phelps Live
Mechanics Hall


Middletown, OH
No More Night David Phelps Live
The Oasis Church

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