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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Little Gracie Sees the "Dent"ist

I'm sorry to say this post is not about my wonderful dentist of twenty plus years, Dr. Jack. But be not dismayed, I'm sure one of these days, he'll get a blog post of his very own - which will include some kind of crazy adventure we've had. (I better tread carefully, he and his wife have known me since I was a kid... too many secrets...) :-)

This is about Little Gracie. My truck.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting some friends. Very beautiful, wonderful, sweet, and highly intelligent friends. One of these beautiful, wonderful, sweet, highly intelligent friends went to run an errand and said she would be right back. Well, she came right back, all right. Pretty quickly and ashen faced. My beautiful, wonderful, sweet, and highly intelligent friend said, "I'm so sorry. I hit your truck."

She was devastated. I mean think about this one: you load up your car, open your garage, and back out. Only this time, Little Gracie was in her driveway, impeding the backing-up process. I felt really bad for her, because I too, have backed into... vehicles (yes, that is plural.) We won't talk about Jeremy's truck I backed into seven years ago, or the church van I backed into nine years ago. No, you don't need those sob stories. All you need to know is that I've had those 'beep-beep-beep-beep' sensor thingies for a while and also have the rear-view mirror camera in Little Gracie now. And I have been reminded A LOT to "look." :-)

Back to Little Gracie. Her new parts finally came in, and so off we went to take her to be fixed. Kayla told me that we were going to the dentist. I looked at her a little funny and said, "What?"

Kayla rolled her eyes and giggled that her highly intelligent mother didn't catch on, "Mom - the DENTist, to fix Little Gracie's DENT!"

Yep, I was outsmarted by my eleven year old.

I think my highly intelligent friend and I need to have a "Backing out of your driveway without incident" date and go get some coffee together. But... we'll probably park on separate sides of the parking lot, where we don't have to back out in front of any spectators.