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Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Many Pages? Our New Reading Contest!!

I have had a LOT of interest in the reading contest I challenged you all to last month.

So, here is another reminder and more info.

Keep track of the title, author, and number of pages for the books that you read.
And ALL books count. If you are a pre-school teacher and read a stack of books each day to your students, they ALL count. Keep track of them! The non-fiction, self-help books that you read, Bible Study books, novels, books you read to your children, AND there will be a special prize for those who read through the entire Bible during our year-long contest!

There will be winners for:
Most Books Read
Most Pages Read
Most Variety of Authors Read
and those who read through the entire Bible AND one of the above.

So, get to reading!

I've had hundreds of emails from you all saying how inspiring it is and you love the idea - so pass it on to your friends. I will be telling you all about different authors and books for the prizes as we go along. Stay tuned! It's sure to be a fun year!

The contest will end the last day of June, 2009!

Feel free to email me through the website, or post a comment with any questions you may have.

I know someone who read thousands of pages on their vacation to get a jump-start, and another lady is reading picture books to her child every day and keeping track, so let's do it!

I would also love to hear from all of you about how you are doing as the year progresses - And would love to use some of your testimonials.

I need to hurry up and post this as my battery is dying!
Have a wonderful day and read, read, read, READ!!