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Friday, January 8, 2010

Gotta Keep Up...

So - most of you know that Kayla and I are hard at work on our novel together.
Brainstorming, researching, writing, laughing... it's been awesome.

But I have discovered that there are sometimes hindrances. Things that show up, happen that weren't on my list for that day. Case in point: getting sick.

Last week, that happened to me. My poor list flew out the window as I realized I was too weak to even stand. Frustration mounted in my mind, "But I can't get sick! I have a word count goal to reach, blogging to do, a family to take care of. There just isn't time to be sick!" To which my body replied with evil laughter, "We'll just see about your list." Yes, it mocked me. I finally accepted that I couldn't convince my body to heal immediately, and stayed in bed. For days.

You know when you finally feel better, because your brain begins its whirring and wheels are turning. Then reality hits and you realize how much you have to do to catch up. Exhaustion soon takes over again, and you pray for the quietness of sleep to suck you into its oblivion so you don't have to face the "list" that has now taken on a life of its own...

Okay, so yes, that has been my week. I'm sitting here, with the list beside me, laughing at my own craziness. I'll never be able to keep up. Oh, I'll try - but I really don't think it's humanly possible. For me, at least. And when I say "keep up" - I mean to my own expectations. My goals are always higher than I can attain, but it makes me work harder, stretch myself.

Kinda like writing with my 12-year-old. She's really great at this (I can't imagine how good she'll be when she's my age!) And fast (she sometimes writes faster than I do!) And I'm being stretched as we work together. She keeps me on my toes. And I love it.

Well, gotta get back to writing... we've got planes, snow, and mountains to tackle...