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Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Morning Madness...

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Out of all the blogs I've posted - I've received more email and responses on these random blogs. So, here ya go - every random thought I've had in the past 60 seconds:

-my doctor friend thinks it's funny that I always ask questions like, "how long would it take someone to die from... ?" (I promise I only kill characters, not real people)
-but I hate to kill bugs. huh.
-however, I do kill bugs - (with great flare, I'm sure) - because I can't stand to have unwelcome visitors in my home.
-thankfully, Colorado doesn't have many bugs.
-my friend Chris once climbed onto a table and called me to come kill a spider for her.
-maybe I scare people?
-I wrote 10,000 words yesterday.
-my brain is tired
-my husband will probably wonder if I have any words left today.
-nah. He knows me better than that.
-I wonder who ever thought it would be "fun" to climb the highest mountain in North America in January?
-My feet are cold.
-I love to take pictures.
-The Grand Canyon is amazing.
-The rangers laughed at me when I asked, "How many people die here every year?"
-I told them I really wasn't that morbid - "I'm a writer."
-Someone actually wrote a book about people dying in the Canyon.
-It's called, "Death in the Grand Canyon" (Imagine that)
-Yes, I bought a copy.
-We brought home our organic cow from our butcher this weekend. Since we split it with a friend, my husband came up with the name, "Half-Calf Moocha"
-Last year, our beef's name was Sherbert
-My friend gave me a weird look the first time I told Josh, "Go get a couple pounds of Sherbert out of the freezer..."
-All of a sudden, I'm in the mood for a hamburger.