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Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Thoughts for a Monday Morning

The crazy rabbit trails of a writer's mind. Best shown on a Monday. All this took place in less than sixty seconds:

- I wonder how many Dr. Peppers I could drink in one day if I was REALLY stressed...
- In doing research for current novel, I talk to the Rangers a lot. Discovered there are three people on (climbing) Denali right now. In the dead of winter, in the dark. My thoughts? They're missing a few of their marbles...
- The Rangers are very cool. I like them a lot.
- I wonder if they think I'm crazy.
- I miss Alaska.
- I miss heated garages.
- It would be nice to have a garage that "Little Gracie" (my Expedition) could actually fit in.
- I love it when my husband grills.
- I love it when my husband grants me an entire writing day by doing all the laundry!
- I love teaching my kids. I love homeschooling.
- I'm an author and English was not my favorite subject in school.
- The English language sometimes, (okay - well, LOTS of times), drives me nuts.
- My suggestion to fix it? Make a rule and stick to it.
- I like consistency. A lot.
- Making lists make me happy.
- Checking things off the lists makes me even more happy.
- My kids are the coolest kids ever.
- I spend a lot of times at swimming pools.
- My kids swim miles every day.
- I wonder if my computer can handle all that chlorine day after day.
- I used to need quiet to write.
- now I can write while coaches are yelling, "Go!" "Faster!" "Shoot!" "Up!" "Kick" "Take Your Mark"
- I love Christmas.
- We had sixteen Christmas trees in our house this past year.
- Sometimes, I go overboard.
- I love the smell of coffee.
- My family is the coolest.
- I have a guardian angel bear on my desk to protect my characters.
- Just thought of a great math project for the kids. And it's really hard. Mwa-ha-ha-ha (evil laugh)
- Need. More. Dr. Pepper...

Until next time...