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Friday, May 23, 2008

Can I Have Your Autograph?

I was at the gas station the other day- (I feel a rabbit-trail coming on - focus Kim, focus!) After unlocking my gas cap, and preparing "Little Gracie" (that's the name my children gave our ginormous automobile) for her "meal," I settled in by the pump to watch the numbers soar far above where any logical human being should ever think a tank of gas should cost. This lovely, tiny, older lady asked me for help. She had not used the savings card, or a credit card in the machine before. I had plenty of time while "Little Gracie" sucked up her fuel, and so I went to the other pump to help the lady out.

This woman was about the sweetest thing I have ever met. I showed her how to use the card slot and reader, so that she would be able to do it again by herself. She clapped her hands at how much "fun" it was, and kept pressing the "cancel" button, so that she could practice! We had a great time and she thanked me over and over for taking the time to "be there for her."

Well, my pump stopped and I knew Little Gracie had finally had her fill. I said my goodbyes as I replaced the hose and locked up my tank. The adorable little lady came over to me as I climbed into my truck.

"Can I have your autograph?" She asked.
"My autograph?" This was a new one, normally it's really young people who ask that - thinking that since I've been on TV, I must have some special signature that will do something for them someday.

She noticed my confusion and went on to explain:
"I know who you are, I watched you on Extreme Makeover and Montel. But that is not why I asked the question. I wanted to see how you would respond. I was impressed with your generosity of your time, and your helpful spirit." Then she gave me a hug.

"I'd love for you to write down your favorite verse for me." She thrust a little notebook into my hands. In it, were pages filled with Scripture references.
I wrote down "James 1:2-4" and handed it back.
"Joy," she said, "that is what is written all over your countenance."

I asked her how she knew I was a believer - and she repeated, "It's written all over your countenance."

She walked to her car, climbed in, and drove away.

I know, I know - you may not have people asking for your autograph like I do - But - think about the lesson here. It wasn't because we were on TV. Yes, people recognize me because of it, but shouldn't I always be striving to be an example of Jesus? Not just because millions of people saw me on TV and might recognize me. It shouldn't matter who's "watching."

We should all hope that someone will ask for our autograph - and ask for our favorite verses, because they noticed the joy of the Lord in us.

I may have to take my new friend's example -

Can I have YOUR autograph?