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Saturday, May 17, 2008

She Keeps Me Hoppin'

A while ago, I was about to speak to a great group of homeschoolers. Holly and I were laughing and getting to know the crowd. I told a story of one of our many adventures - while Holly was walking to the back to get me some water (she's so awesome, if you hadn't guessed it, yet.)

Anyway, a member of the audience stopped Holly to speak to her. She said, "Sounds like you just keep things hoppin', don't you?" Holly proceeded to trip and fall, somehow - and sat in the floor laughing hysterically. Quite an entertainment to the crowd. She certainly does keep us hoppin'. :)

My point is that God gives us all special people that "keep us hoppin'" -- mine happen to be my beautiful and adorably sweet children, and a certain twenty-one year old, named Holly.

So, praise God for the wonderful people He has put in your life, and praise Him for friends who hold you accountable, and praise Him for the laughter and the sadness. God is good and He is God.