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Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Desk is a Mess!

Anyone else have this dilemma?

Now granted, it's not like this all of the time - but it definitely is right now.

My husband teases me about being OCD (having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)- which I don't believe - but I do believe I am OCT (meaning I have Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies.) Don't you love how I talked my way out of that one? I'm talented. I know.

Anyway, I love to organize things - and reorganize them - until poor Jeremy can't find anything even if he could remember where I had it in the first place! So, why is my desk a mess? Well, it's the place to put all of the "important" stuff. I just returned from a writer's conference, had a bunch of deadlines, and a film crew coming for two days. Everything that didn't get my immediate attention went into the "pile" that created the "mess" on my desk.

A friend of mine called me today - and as we were talking, I mentioned my desk. She was shocked. She proceeded to tease me about how I have an itinerary for everything and get aggravated when something is not "clean" - so, how in the world did the woman who loves to have everything "put away" make a mess out of her desk? Very easily, actually. If I don't stay on top of things, they'll pile up. And then, I get even more frustrated - because my wonderful "tendencies" won't let me be happy until the pile is gone. Which means I'm a little grumpy right now. I don't function as well in a "mess."

If only there was a magic fairy to clean up the messes for me. Now, that would be amazing. I could be content to sit and write my little heart out and not worry about the mess that won't go away.

Ah, but that is not to be. So, I will tackle the mess of my desk... tomorrow. Maybe with a friend. At least then, I'll have someone to whack me upside the head if I get too rambunctious with my organizing.

Until then, I will be immersed in my latest chapter and writing, writing, writing...

Now, where is that file folder?